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Verse on Health

by Jim Mall

Your physical appearance. It's often one of the first things that bride notice about you. Thus, it should be at the top of your priorities when improving yourself.

No matter if it's in the work place, seduction world, or life in general, healthier looking people go farther than the unhealthy looking. Not to mention that they can get away with a lot more. Ever heard the phrase “If you’re ugly, it’s sexual harassment, but if you’re beautiful, it’s flirting.”?

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again, you must focus on eliminating your negative features first. This includes scars, jacked up teeth, unkempt hair, acne, etc. You’d be surprised at how well you’ll look if you simply eliminate your negative features.

man and woman holding hands

There are products out there that can easily fix these, so I’ll let you look for them. I’m not going to make a grocery list, because the focus of this project, is to keep it as simple, and as short, as possible.

Once you figure “Hey, there really isn’t anything negative left for me to realistically improve.”, then you’re ready to start working on the positive. You now have a good base to work with. What is this? Things like teeth whitening, manicures, skin tone adjustments (tanning).

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I tell you to work on the negative, and then the positive, because I don’t want you overloading yourself with products and procedures. Everything takes time, small steps.

Speaking of small steps, your body. The thing that worked best for me, was just to take everything slow, and monitor everything that I was doing. This includes looking at nutrition facts when I shop, avoiding the snack and soda aisles, and making sure I got the nutrition I needed in order to reach my weight goals.

Now, what a lot of you fat fuckers will do, is tell yourself “only one more snack won’t set me back”. Well, I have news for you. It was that “one more snack” that got you to where you are. I had a friend that would order a ton of food, and when I would mention his “diet”, he’d say “Well, I already ordered, so I can’t waste it.”

The truth is, he knew exactly what he was doing, and was just looking for an excuse to do it. And that just pisses me off. Stop making excuses for yourself and just do it. Results aren’t going to happen over night.

Like I said, you must monitor everything. I know that I weighed myself at least once a week, and there were times when I would actually lose the weight I was trying to gain. As your body is adjusting to your diet, it’s going to fluctuate like that at first.

However, you must stick to your plan, and don’t take any shortcuts (diet pills, steroids), as they only work in the short run. With time, hard work will pay off, and you know it. Those who say “this isn’t working” are those expecting instant results, and just want an excuse to go back to their lazy health habits. DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP.

Lastly, I’m going to tell you this right now, people will do whatever it takes to discourage you, most namely, your friends. They’ll tell you that it isn’t working, they’ll make fun of you, tell you to give up…anything to get you to quit.

You have to IGNORE THEM. Chances are, you will surpass them anyway, and end up in an entirely different social circle. Trust me. I use to weigh 130 pounds when I first came to college (I now weigh 180), and when I started gaining weight, experimenting with working out, I got made fun of all of the time. There were constant jokes, like “what do you lift, the bar?”. I am no longer friends with these people.

Once again, you must get over your ego, and ignore them. You control your destiny, not them. You are doing this for you, your well being, and if they don’t support you, then they weren’t worth being friends with in the first place.

I think I covered what needs to be covered. And for you skinny guys, I will recommend for your weight gaining needs. Follow his guide as you see fit.

If you’re looking for a more personal training program, I strongly recommend that you contact Eric C at


Eliminate the negative

Then concentrate on the positive

Small steps got you where you are

Small steps will get you to where you want to be

Every small steps counts

Keep track of your progress (weigh yourself once a week)

Eliminate negative influences (snacks) by avoiding them (the snack aisle)

Your results will fluctuate at first, stick to your plan, no days off

Hard work pays off, shortcuts don’t

Ignore negative friends, they will be replaced

You control your destiny



I found that buying the exercise equipment (relatively cheap at Wal-Mart), notebook to track my progress, and healthier foods helped increase my chance of succeeding. The next time you go grocery shopping, avoid the junk food aisles.

After a week without junk food and soda, how do you feel? Do you feel more inclined to succeed? And if the answer is yes, do you think it’s because the influence isn’t a quick walk to the fridge away?


The root of the problem. What is it? That’s what you should be asking yourself. After I failed to exercise, and failed to gain weight from eating, this is what I took a look at. Why did I keep failing?

First, I looked at my exercise plan. One, I was trying to do too much all at once. What would happen? I though of every excuse not to exercise, simply because I knew it would take forever. How did I solve this? By starting out small, and adding on a routine or more reps each week.

Next, I realized that I hated using my body as my exercise tool. It just seemed boring to me. I solved this by using weights and machines. And that was my biggest problem. I hated going to the gym. Not only was it far, but it was also embarrassing.

So , how did I solve both of these problems? I purchased my own bench & weight set. I no longer had to go far to exercise, and I no longer had to worry about the embarrassment. For those of you wondering, I started out with those tiny 20 pound dumbbells on each arm, and I only benched 80 pounds. Now? 40 pound dumbbells on each arm, and I bench 160 pounds (without a spotter, so it isn’t my real max).

As for food, I noticed that my main problem wasn’t consuming the food, but rather, preparing it. I then realized that all of my meals should be ready in under five minutes if I were to eat the necessary six meals per day. The results? I went from 130 pounds to 180 pounds, and counting.

As you can see, the main solution here, is to identify the root of the problem and attack it. For instance, if you’re overweight, the true problem may not be that you want to eat all of the time, but rather, that you want to eat all of the time because you are depressed. Attack the depression, and you solve your eating problem.


Use caution when working out with heavy weights alone. Trying to be a macho man, I nearly hurt myself while working out. It is important to push yourself, but it is also important not to try to overdo it.

But at the same time, you don’t want to move at a snails pace. You need to set reasonable weekly goals to get you where you want to be. Your body only reacts when you push it past what it’s use to.

And speaking of identifying the problem, if you though that you found the root of them problem and still aren’t getting results, then it probably isn’t the root. Try looking elsewhere. You need to look at every reason why you might night be getting the results you desire. Each reason is a possible solution. And by identifying as many as possible, you only increase your chances of finding a solution.