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How To Get A Girl To Fancy You

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Knowing how to get a girl to fancy you can make your life a lot easier. If a girl already fancies you a bit then it’s going to be much less effort to get their phone number, get off with them, have sex with them, etc.

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But how do you get a girl to fancy you?

There are a few simple things that you can do in order to help improve your chances of women fancying you. Here are some of the best tips on how to get a girl to get her to have that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling for you:

Getting a decent hair cut

You need to get a hair cut that suits you. There is no point in going around with a crew cut if it makes you look like a total tit. Find a decent barber that can help you decide which look would be good for you.

Side note: If you are starting to go bald then maybe you should consider shaving your hair off completely. Women love bald guys… just look at Vin Diesel, Billy Zane, Bruce Willis, David Beckham (when he shaved his), etc.

Grooming is important

Make sure that you groom yourself properly. Women tend not to fancy men who have out of control tramp-like beards. Trust me on this one ;-).

Make sure that you take the time to do all the basics right. Brush your teeth, do your hair, trim your ear and nose hair, make sure you either shave or keep your beard/goatee tidy, etc. These are all little things that can make a big difference.

Get some style

Recently I have started to talk about style much more. Why? Because style is something that you can control 100%. You really have no excuse to get it wrong. Therefore you need to take the time to find the right clothes that fit well, are the right design, right colour, etc for you.

Once you have got your style sorted then you know that every time you go out, you know you will be looking your best.

Get a decent aftershave

Women find guys who smell nice much more attractive. Therefore it’s really important to find a good aftershave that women like. Make sure to take a girl with you when buying the aftershave to see what they think of it. Men and women tend to have different opinions on these sort of things.

Get down the gym

Again, this is another thing I have been mentioning more often and will mention shed-loads more in the future. It’s very effective when it comes to how to get a girl to fancy you. Getting down the gym is in your control. You choose whether you get into shape or not.

Women do like men who are in shape. Firstly women are attracted to men who have the right body shape. The right proportional body shape will cause instant attraction in women. You can find out more over at the Adonis Effect.

Also women like guys who keep in shape. It shows that you care about your health. A healthy guy makes for a more compatible partner to have kids with on a biological level.


This might seem like a strange one but it works. Women do like the bad boy approach when it comes to guys. However even bad boys smile. It might be a cheeky smile but it’s still a smile.

Smiling makes you come across as sociable even if you are a bit of bad boy. The best of both worlds I think.

Take up some cool hobbies

Having cool hobbies shows that you are a cool person. Being able to play the guitar, practice a martial art or perform magic are a few examples of cool hobbies that you might want to consider.

However, as with any other time I have mentioned taking up a cool hobby, the most important thing is that you enjoy the hobby. Don’t do something just because you think it will get you laid. That is totally the wrong way to go about things.

This is not about how to impress a girl with your awesome hobby, it’s about showing you have passions in your life. Things that you really want to do and will spend the time learning to do them.

Be sociable

Being sociable is a good thing to be in general. Going out with friends is a great way to enjoy life and have a good time.

It also is good to get a girl to fancy you. If you are going out with friends then it shows that you are the sort of person that people want to be around. If they want to be around you then you must be a cool, fun, guy to hang out with.

Therefore other women will find you more attractive and will be want to be around you.

Hanging out with women

Building from the last point, hanging around with women will make you more attractive to other women. They will be thinking “There must be something about this guy to make other women want to be around him”. It helps if you can hold a decent conversation so that these women want to hang with you in the first place.

Side note: You don’t have to hang with women to have this effect. Just being perceived as being around women a lot will do wonders. I remember a guy who would go out wearing his wedding ring. Then he got divorced and took it off. The crazy things was, when he wore the ring he got a shed load of attention from women, but when he took it off that attention dwindled.

Making girls laugh

Now I am not on about being a comedian here. Acting like the class clown is not the way to go. However if you can make a girl laugh by either telling a few jokes or just using observational humor or whatever else you can think of, then you will find girls become attracted to you.

Women do like guys with a sense of humor. Don’t worry if you don’t think you are funny. I never thought I was. I can’t tell a joke to save my life. However I have come to realize we all have a funny streak in us. Some are quick witted, some observational, some weird, etc. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Final thoughts

All though it’s not a necessity, knowing how to get a girl to fancy you can be of huge benefit when it comes to meeting and attracting women.

If they already like something about you, they will be that much more inclined to talk to you from the get-go.