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Forcing Women To Make Decisions

by Julian Lennon

Every man has been in a position where a girl has demanded more time to “think about it” or given him vague conditions in which she’ll do something for him or give him what he wants. And I’m willing to bet that nine times out of ten, the guy never ends up with what he wants, whether it’s sex, a date, getting back together, getting her to leave a bar with you, getting her to stop seeing another guy and commit exclusively, or whatever. It just never works out in your favor.

Either she’s buying time so she can have her cake and eat it too for as long as possible, or she has no intention of giving you what you want but just doesn’t want to tell you that. They’re telling you that they need to sort out their feelings when in reality, they’re holding out for what they perceive to be a better guy, or they’re trying to get everything that they want for as long as possible (i.e. the security of having you on standby while they still play the field for a better option).

They do all of this at your expense, because truth of the matter is, when it comes to men, women are selfish and don’t care about you. All they care about is the best deal that they can get for themselves, and if that means hurting you, or not giving you what you want, then so be it. Women use “feelings”, “being unsure”, and “needing more time”, as an excuse to cover up their selfishness in order to preserve their “perfect princess” image. Ever notice how when things go wrong, women never take responsibility? It’s to preserve their “perfect princess” image. If they can blame you, their feelings, or anything else but themselves, then they will.

So how can you put a stop to this? Recent Loveawake dating site survery showed you need to force the women to make a decision right then and there. Only two things will possibly happen: one, you get what you want; or two, you don’t get what you want, but you save yourself a lot of heartache and time. Women, rarely, if ever, change their minds about giving you what you want when it comes to “feelings”, “being unsure”, and “needing more time”; all of this is a lie; a cover up, so to speak.

They really do already know what they want, but what they’re so unsure about, is how long they can keep stringing you along. They’ll keep stringing you along and avoid making a decision for as long as they possibly can. Why? Because making a decision means taking responsibility and possibly tarnishing their “perfect princess” image. Women will do whatever it takes to avoid doing so; hence, why they wait around for someone to make a decision for them; it allows them to shift responsibility, and henceforth, blame, to someone else, thus preserving their “perfect princess” image and feeling no guilt whatsoever.

However, by walking away from her right then and there, it shows that you have a backbone and that you don’t need her. In this case, she might actually change her mind. And in many cases, this is what happens if she actually does have feelings for you. If women realize that they can always fall back on you, and keep you as an option, then they will. This is why it is so very important that you remove yourself as an option. When you do this, all of a sudden she won’t be so unsure, her “feelings” won’t need more time, and she’ll either chase you, or forget about you. Either way, you win.

Learn to force women to make decisions, and if they don’t want to make a decision right then and there, then walk away. It never works out in your favor to wait around on her to make up her mind or to try to please her vague demands. If she can’t be VERY specific about the terms, then that’s how you know that she intends on stringing you along. If she’s giving you a “maybe“, then you know that she intends on stringing you along. And if she’s giving you the “I don’t know how I feel” or “I need more time” bit, then that’s how you know that she intends on stringing you along. It’s time for you to start clipping that string and learn how to drop her. You just made her decision for her.


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