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How To Use Stories When Dating Mature Women

by Julian Lennon

Alright, so let's say that you're not the best looking guy, and you want to actually spend more time building attraction in set. Do you just stack routines? Possibly. However, as I stumbled upon accidentally, telling stories are a much better option. If you look at all of the great players throughout time, you will see that they all have one gaming move in common: they captivate mature women with their stories.

So what do you need to know? Sets open much easier when you open with an interesting story. What do you wanna talk about? At least for your first story, you want it to have something to do with mature women, as it will cause their ears to immediately perk up and want to continue the engagement. I tell all kinds of stories, but I find stories about mature women to be the best ones.

I'm going to backtrack a little here. If you're going to be telling stories, then you do NOT want a wingman walking in on your set, as he will do nothing but lose value. If you're telling a great story to a group of mature women, then you don't want him walking in trying to run a routine. It just screams awkwardness.

Continuing, what stories do, is set the stage for routines. I've tested this out, and some mature women aren't into routines as soon as you enter the set. However, what I've come to find, is that if you open with a story or two, and delay the use of your routines, then the mature women will be MUCH more open to you doing them and are MUCH less likely to see them as a bit odd. Why is this? Because routines don't provide a lot of value early on. Think of routines as conversational fillers. They serve to break things up a little and make the interaction a little more interesting. Routines are meant to be the side dishes to the main-course: stories.

What you'll come to notice by telling a cool story or two (you always want to be experimenting with at least three stories in mind), is that at least one woman in the set will start giving you indicators of interest (IOI's). Why is this? Because when you have all of their friends engaged for a period of time in your story, you display higher value because her friends are respecting you and liking your story. You can practically go into any routine from here on out.

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Alright, so how do you want to actually practice telling stories? As I mentioned a post or two back, you don't want to actually memorize the story. You want to just go with an idea that engages mature women, improvise, add DHV spikes as you go, and try not to DLV yourself. After you do this, you want to repeat the same story over, and over again. What you'll find, is that the more you tell the same story over and over again, the more comfortable you'll become with it, and the more elaborate you'll start to be while telling it.

If you want to build more attraction first, or if you want to be like the greatest players of all time, then you want to engage mature women with your stories. They bring people together, they entertain crowds, and more importantly, they will get you laid. Stories. Use them.